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STEF’s experience in catering

We provide also transport solutions for the final customers. Our sites also support growing restaurant and catering businesses, with guaranteed coverage in the whole country.

Why choose STEF?

Regarding the consumers’ increasingly high expectations of their catering outlets, the supply chain cannot ignore the sector’s requirements for customisation, variety and quality. It must respond to the growing need of tailor-made services. In addition, high standards of delivery reliability and punctuality involve coordinating a wide range of temperatures and services, as well as paying particular attention to communication with restaurant owners and caterers. At STEF, we offer a full set of logistics services : logistics services, management of stock and cash-flow management. Our expertise and the flexibility of our teams, who are always ready to listen to our customers, mean we are well positioned to meet these needs in accordance with quality and safety standards.

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Urban delivery in Brussels

To meet your needs for deliveries in the city, we have developed a 'last-mile delivery' solution for the delivery of chilled products in the heart of Brussels.

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