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Food industry

A specialist to serve the industry

Our core values: operational excellence and proximity to our customers.
Our network, our expertise and the commitment of our staff mean we can respond daily to the needs of our food-industry customers.
We operate at the heart of the agri-food industry and are always alert to changes in the sector, serving end customers day and night.
STEF supply chain

Why choose STEF?

The supply chain is an essential link in your value chain. With over 30 years’ experience in the controlled-temperature agri-food sector, we are well equipped to meet our customers’ various needs. As transport and logistics specialists, we have a head start when it comes to efficiency. We have the skills and knowledge to optimise the storage and transport of your products and reduce your delivery lead times, while retaining the essential flexibility you need.

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3 températures

Our 3 temperatures

We guarantee storage in three temperatures: chilled, frozen and ambient. Our know-how allows us to connect agri-food industry players with the retail and catering sector.

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