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Urban distribution

STEF delivers your products to Brussels city

The capital's city centre is a pillar of its economic and touristic activity. Like all European cities, Brussels faces a conundrum: the need for supplies to revitalise the city centre, and the nuisance caused by getting them there. Our urban delivery solutions respond to that demand, covering the last mile to your various customers.

Our urban delivery service helps reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution thanks to the use of vehicles designed for deliveries to the city centre. It is aimed at all kinds of customers, regardless of size, including restaurants, local shops, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Delivery times are adjusted to meet the demands of your business.

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Gauthier Morel, Managing Director, STEF Belgium, comments: “Our position as a cold-chain specialist for the food industry places the STEF Group at the heart of environmental and urban concerns. We have developed our urban logistics circuits and created our new platform in central Brussels to specifically meet the expectations of our food retail customers and catering professionals more effectively. Today, we can offer our customers an efficient last-mile logistics service combined with specific time slots for deliveries."

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