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STEF Graduate Program

Are you ready to push your own limits?

We believe that people are the key to the company's development. That's why we are constantly seeking talented young graduates – to help them grow within the company and become tomorrow's managers!
The STEF graduate program stems from this commitment, providing a system of selection and professional development that allows graduates to gain unique experience and take on leadership roles.
STEF Graduate Program

Become a member of our team

We are always looking for talented young people. Recruitment takes place through publishing specific offers as well as spontaneous applications.

Are you a graduate with a degree in engineering, economics or another academic discipline related to our field of activity? Sign up now! The STEF graduate program is a two-year program and is divided into three stages:

  1. Integration into an operational platform to better understand our business
  2. Increased responsibility: You will take on increasingly complex tasks as part of your professional and personal development
  3. Planning and preparing the role and the responsibilities you will take on at the end of the program
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