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Our HR policy

People at the heart of our model

STEF places people at the heart of its commitments. The Group has constructed an HR policy that develops talent and gives everyone the means to build his or her career. We support our employees in their professional training as well as their personal development, and work together to strengthen our team's social and cultural diversity. Joining STEF is an opportunity to share experiences with dynamic, innovative and mutually supportive colleagues. Come and meet us!
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A link between our employees

We are committed to our employees and, as such, they can participate in the company's success by having the possibility of becoming shareholders. This system is an integral part of the Group's history and corporate culture, and a high number of employee shareholders are considered levers for strengthening STEF's efficiency in its activity. For 25 years, this model has reflected the Group's efforts to involve its employees, by helping them build their own savings plans.

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Diversity: a priority

STEF is fully aware that diversity is an asset and a driver of efficiency and promotes a corporate culture that respects all visible and invisible forms of diversity.

STEF offers everyone the same job opportunities and the chance to grow within the organisation, in each country where the Group is present.

STEF wants everyone to be able to find their place and develop their potential. A dedicated team within the Human Resources Department is responsible for ensuring that these principles are respected and promoted.

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Providing the means to grow

Our training policy is oriented towards the future, preparing for the transformations and needs of the job market and thus developing our team members' employability and enthusiasm.

Through certified training programs, we offer the possibility to grow within the company, thus enriching personal and professional skills.

70% of management and executive positions are filled through internal promotions.

At all levels, employees are supported throughout their professional career. This support enables them to ensure that their aspirations go hand in hand with STEF's needs, and creates the necessary conditions for strong commitment.