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Our CSR commitments

STEF: your long-term partner for growth

Making social and environmental policy a priority is part of STEF’s DNA, not just a statement of intent.

Sustainability comes in many guises at STEF, from financial sustainability, which we seek to achieve through successive property acquisitions, to environmental sustainability, by identifying the most effective solutions to reduce the impact of our solutions as far as possible.

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Responses to climate change

We are fully aware of the issues associated with climate change and have implemented a proactive, sustainable environmental policy. We constantly look for solutions to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, including:

  • limiting greenhouse gas emissions: providing training in eco-driving; using new, less polluting equipment (such as three-wheeled scooters and cycles), mass distribution, etc.; 
  • saving resources: installing photovoltaic panels in Saintes, reusing rainwater to wash lorries and recycling waste,
  • limiting sources of nuisance associated with our activities, particularly in city centres, by trialling a new delivery method. 
STEF's CSR manifesto
STEF's QHSE Policy

Building the future together

STEF can guarantee the quality of service to its customers thanks to our employees, their values and their commitment. We endeavour to help them achieve excellence in both their training and career development. We also support equal opportunities by ensuring diversity within the workplace: every employee has the chance to flourish and move up through the business. Equal opportunities are a core part of our management practices and we work hard to develop diversity in our teams. We help employees to develop through our training school, the Institut des Métiers du Froid, and our training programs. We encourage a learning culture that reflects our work.


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